We have many successful contractors in all areas of industry.† They are just like ou, they want to make profits.† They feel they have many advantages with their business relationship with us.

Yes. Those people employed by your company who do Cement Masons or Plasterers work would be required to join the Union as a Journeyman or Apprentice depending on their skill level.

No. You or your foreman are in charge of layoffs and discharges.

Frequently Asked Questions

No.† We want to be your partner, but have no desire to run your business.† The Union supplies skilled manpower and valuable apprentices.† We want you to succeed while treating our members with respect

Is the Union going to control my business?

Is it true I can never fire anyone?

Will the Union allow me to use my existing work force?

Am I going to be less competitive as a Union contractor?

No.† As a contractor, you have the final say in manpower, and the flexibility to increase or decrease your workforce as needed.

Does the Union require me to use more help than I need?

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Fax: 604-585-9194

E-mail: opcmia@opcmia919.org

The Operative Plasterersí and Cement Masonsí International Association Local 919

Craftsmanship. Prosperity. Responsibility.

Are the Business Agents going to force me to use unskilled hands?

No.† You are free to hire and fire until you get the crew you want.† Our Business Agents want you to succeed.

How can I be sure that I will benefit from being a Union contractor?

Our Business Manager may consider a one-job agreement, so we can both see if we are a good fit for each other.

Is there any training provided by the Union?

Yes.† All apprentices are eligible and encouraged to take part in technical training through the Trowel Trades Training Association.

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